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Direct Inspection and Indirect Inspection

1. Direct Inspection

Hardness testing is a strict and precise work. The important task of hardness tester is to check and  supervise accuracy of hardness testing. Supervision is to test the producing procedure and products, being convenient for producing technique management and ensuring the product quality. Accurate hardness testing must be ensured by technical and strict measuring work through carrying out national relevant testing methods.

Due to the dependence relationship between them, the scientific and technical worker and testing personnel of hardness testing must kown about controling and analysing the basic hardness measurement units, measurement instruments,measurement methods and measurement errors. On the basis of this, knowing well about national standard stipulation of hardness testing method,can they use instruments correctly so as to ensure the  accuracy of testing result.


2.Indirect inspection

Indirect inspection can be regarded as comprehensive inspection. All the test force error, indenter error, and measurement equipment error are reflected in the indirect inspection. Indirect inspection is also the work that engineering technicians and testing personnel can initialtively do. Besides the daily inspection, they should carefully test the hardness block to get the result.