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Comparison Of Shenyang Tianxing Webster’s Hardness Tester With Inferior Imitation

Table header



? The great care of multiple crafting processes, the exquisite inside and outside unification guarantees the extremely high reliability of the instrument.

? High-strength pointer ensures long and incorrect operation without bending distortion.

? High strength and toughness of the table window is hard to damage by external forces.


? The surface of the header are crudely cut corners with poor roughness.

? The pointer can not run smoothly because of the flaw of technical, which reduces the reliability of the measurement result.

? The untreated table window is easily damaged during operation.

? The fault and clamping stagnationof the pointer hysteresis is common, which causes the problems that readings is inaccurate or the pointer cannot returned to zero level.

Lower Handle 


It is still bright and smooth even be magnified. 


No further treatments have been given after rough machining that trachoma and oxidative traces can be seen everywhere. 





? The treatments of anvil block and sealant are smooth both of texture of inside and outside that without processed.


? Poor sealing technology lays hidden dangers for the future use.

? Rough process textures and oxidation traces can be seen everywhere.

? The inner machining texture affects the smooth operation of the instrument, leading that the reliability of the measurement result cannot be guaranteed.




The sleeve that finish through multiple process of fine machining ensures the smooth operation of the instrument and the reliability of measurement results.


Texture is clearly visible and also easy to peeling and chipped paint by rough machining process.

There are no security or reliability guarantees for the final measurement because of the operation irregularity caused by the internal clearance of the instrument that generated by the machining texture.

Hardness Blocks 


Use the standard Rockwell hardness Tester and HRE standard hardness block, making value transfer strictly in accordance with the Regulations of metrological verification.

The hardness of webster hardness block is uniform and stable by special heat treatment process.


Only ordinary aluminum plate is measured by webster hardness tester, which  accuracy of the hardness cannot be guaranteed.