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Brief Introduction Of Brinell Hardness Testing Equipment

With the development of domestic industry, the requirements on raw material and component get higher. Relative industries such as automobile, railway, oil and military industry have made explicit requirements on using Brinell hardness tester to test the hardness of the raw material and components.

Brinell hardness tester is better than other metal hardness testers due to its bigger detection force and larger diameter of the indenter. It can truly reflect the comprehensive influence of the metals but it is also hard to test the finished product because of the bigger indentation that leaves on the surface of the piece. Besides, the operation of Brinell hardness tester can cause a little trouble---the result can not be received directly. We have to use optical microscope to measure the diameter of the indention then look up the table to get the hardness number. Personal errors occur during the process. In recent years, enterprises in China have contributed to the study of Brinell hardness testing equipment, the test methods are developed a great deal consequently. We are going to introduce some Brinell hardness testing equipment as follows:



Normally, the traditional Brinell hardness tester are portable equipment. They can divided into static afterburner impact type of Brinel lhardness tester, hammer Brinell hardness tester and pin Brinell hardness tester; dynamic afterburner type of portable Brinell hardness tester, C type hardness tester , hydraulic hardness tester and magnetic hardness tester. Comparing with dynamic afterburner tester, the static afterburner is more stable. What’s worth mentioning is that, the first magnetic digital display Brinell hardness tester initiated and developed by Tianxing company realized the quick and accurate spot Brinell tester of piece due to its high-precision force sensor and unique displacement measurement technology. Besides, this equipment can use the detect method, which is stipulated in ASTM E103, to spot test the Brinell hardness rapidly and read the hardness number on the screen directly.



In recent years, some large-scale Brinell hardness machine have appeared in the international market, which are divided into rock arm type, gantry type and detection module applied in automated manufacturing line. In terms of function, these big Brinell hardness machines has made huge progress, they can customize the specific equipment size and function according to the actual needs of the customer. It can fully realize the automatic test for Brinell hardness of the piece.

With the development of domestic industry, the Brinell hardness test in the future will advance towards automation. If you encounter some problem on Brinell hardness test, please call Tianxing company of Shenyang(024-24200002), we are honored to offer you some professional help.