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Brinell Tester Application

A Brinell hardness tester is often called a Brinell tester when people use the Internet to search. Brinell Tester is widely used in metal hardness measurement industry. It can directly replace the Leeb hardness tester with accuracy and reliability is not high In a wide range of manufacturing industries. In the world of Brinell hardness production field, products can be generally divided into online automatic hardness testing system; Large bench type Brinell Tester, Normal desktop Brinell tester and portable Brinell tester. On-line automatic brinell tester usually belong to customerized brinell tester, such as automobile brake disc, brake drum of the on-line automatic hardness testing systems, can help intelligent manufacturing project implementation more complete automation, informationization, the brinell tester can provide objective, preparation, continuous brinell hardness measurement, implement quality traceability data. Large bench type Brinell tester (such as automatic bridge type Brinell tester, rocker type Brinell tester, etc.) can also be measured according to the size of the customer parts, shape customized fixture measuring head. Normal desktop Brinell tester with big size, heavy weight, generally suitable for use in the laboratory as a standard machine, or test some small parts easy to use. Portable Brinell tester with smaller size and lighter weight than normal desktop Brinell tester, and portable to take it to the production site directly for on-site measurement, and the accuracy of portable Brinell tester is the same as the common desktop Brinell tester. Therefore, more and more customers have recognized and used portable Brinell tester. All the Brinell Tester from Shenyang TX Testing Instruments belong to portable Brinell tester, more and more peers and users are familiar with Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc. in the field of portable Brinell tester production.