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Development Background of Hydraulic Brinell PHB-3000 Hardness Tester

With the diversification of industrial development, more and more metal processing industries require Brinell hardness testing. The earliest instruments used to measure Brinell hardness of metals were large desktop machines. Desktop brinell hardness tester can measure the size and weight of the workpiece is relatively limited. And in the measurement usually need more workers to cooperate with the operation, labor cost is high, and the work efficiency is not high. In this case, many industries must require 3000 kg test force and 10mm ball indenter test conditions, but they are not willing to choose a large desktop Brinell hardness tester. 

After years of research and development, our hydraulic Brinell PHB-3000 hardness tester was officially put into the market in 2009. This is the only portable Brinell hardness tester with 3000 kg test force and 10mm ball indenter test conditions. The birth of this hardness tester really solved the desktop Brinell hardness tester is not convenient to test the workpiece. Since it has been launched, has been widely welcomed by the majority of customers. 

Compared with other foreign brands of similar products, the advantages of our hydraulic Brinell PHB-3000 hardness tester are as follows: the stability of the frame system is good, the lead screw lubricity is good, completely solve the oil leakage problem of the pressure gauge. The most important point is that the price of hydraulic Brinell PHB-3000 hardness tester has a huge advantage, so after winning the recognition of the vast majority of customers in China market, this instrument is getting better and better sales in the international market. More and more customers use our hydraulic Brinell PHB-3000 hardness tester to replace the similar products of other brands.