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Introduction of TX Coating Thickness Gauge


The thickness coating gauge is a portable instrument which is applied in testing the thickness of non-conductive coating on non-ferrous metal. The typical application is to measure the thickness of the anodic oxide coating of the aluminum alloy.

Shenyang Tianxing Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. has been producing thickness coating gauge since 1993, and till now three generations products has been serving domestic aluminum industry.

The first generation ED200 thickness coating gauge came onto market at the begining of 1990s when the domestic aluminum industry was in large-scale development period. The ED200 thickness coating gauge of Shenyang Tianxing filled the blank of domestic portable thickness coating gauge, providing highly cost-effective membrane thickness testing instrument for Chinese aluminum processing enterprises.

The second generation ED300 thickness coating gauge has been applied the most in dimestic similar products so far. The quality and test accuracy has been up to advanced international level.

The latest generation product is ED400 thickness coating gauge, which is the upgrade of the ED300 in both hardware and software. The ED400 thickness coating gauge has longer product life, wider test range and more simple operation, promoting the product quality of Shenyang Tianxing thickness coating gauge greatly. So far, the ED300 has stopped production gradually, and the ED400 is going to replace the ED300 and serve national and international aluminum profile users with higher quality.