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The Chairman of TX Company Published Article

The chairman of Shenyang Tianxing Instruments Co., Ltd. and the senior engineer Mr. Zhang Fenglin has been devoted himself to researching on-site metal hardness testing for more than 20 years. Now the company has hardness testers of almost 10 series, dozens of types. Among them, the Barcol and the Webster hardness testers occupy more than 90% of national aluminum industry market. The magnetic series hardness testers are the internationally initial products, which could be applied in testing the hardness of large castings and forgings on site. In this year, the Tianxing company has successfully developed Radial Arm Hardness Tester and Gantry Hardness Tester which could satisfy the automatic testing requirement in the production line.


The article that Mr. Zhang published at Physical Chemical Testing-Physical Volume summarizes the testing methods, testing instruments, and application features of various on-site Brinell hardness testers. It mainly introduces the dynamic and static portable Brinell hardness tester and Radial Arm hardness tester. The article also introduces the new technique in online automatic hardness testing- Bathymetry Brinell hardness testing method, and two cases of hardness automatic testing line. It finally introduces Brinell indentation automatic measurement device which has 100% automatic recognition capacity. Applying the new type on-site Brinell hardness online testing device could improve the quality management level of the company and the technical progress of relevant products.;