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Notice During Using Pin Brinell Portable Hardness Tester

Pin Brinell portable hardness tester is widely used in foundry, forging plant, Heating treatment plant and other industries. The device itself is cheap, but it costs a shear pin per operation. The instrument itself is light and compact, easy to carry and take to the workshop and production site for hardness testing on-site. Before using pin Brinell portable hardness tester, customers need to prepare a hammer, so shear pin brinell portable hardness tester also known as hammer type Brinell hardness tester. 


After customers prepare well a hammer, began the process of operation, will need to pay attention that the shear pin must be installed firmly, and completes the safety protection measures, Because we must hammer the test head to make the shear pin fracture, so in this intermediate need a hammer striking force position accurately, and strength enough to make the shear pin one-time fracture, if at the time of first hammer shearing without fracture, then this pin can not continue to use, need to use a pin remove tool to clear it out and replace a new shear pin and then do test again. So please pay attention to the consumption of the shear pin in the process of use, and supplement the shear pin at any time. The shear pin Brinell portable hardness tester will not continue to work if the shear pins as consumables are in short supply. Therefore, it is recommended that customers should prepare enough shear pins when purchasing this Pin Brinell portable hardness tester.