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Characteristics of Hammer Type Brinell Hardness Tester

Hammer impact Brinell hardness tester is a standard configuration and the use of a very simple Brinell hardness tester. The test force is applied by hammering, and the test force is precisely controlled by a shear pin. At the time of testing without clamping parts, you only need to put the hammer impact Brinell hardness tester on the surface of workpiece, using a hammer hit the hardness tester rightly to cut off the shear pin, with pressing the Brinell indentation on the surface of workpiece, so measurement procedure is done, then read indentation and ultimately the process of conversion of Brinell hardness value. 

Therefore, the hammer impact Brinell hardness tester does not have high requirements on the shape and size of the sample, and only one cheap shear pin is consumed for each test. It is more reliable, repeatable and accurate than the Leeb hardness tester. However, with the use of hammer impact hardness tester, the test force is applied and removed in an instant, and the maximum holding time of the test force does not reach the general Brinell hardness test, which may affect the test results. 

But in some foundry, heat treatment plant and so on use hammer  impact Brinell hardness tester to test some large semi-finished parts, its test result is widely recognized in the industry. And shear pin as a important parts of hammer impact Brinell hardness tester, consumes a shear pin  each test, so the shear pin belongs to a large number of consumables, at the same time, the quality of the shear pin to a large extent influence the accuracy of the hammer impact Brinell hardness tester, so the customer should as far as possible in the production manufacturer to purchase a sufficient number of shear pin at the same time when buying the hammer impact Brinell hardness tester.