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TX Company Will Have Their Spring Festival Holidays in 2022


The Spring Festival is the traditional Chinese New Year. It is the largest, most lively and most important ancient traditional festival in China. During the Spring Festival, the Han and many ethnic minorities in China hold various activities to celebrate. The main contents of these activities are offering sacrifices to gods and Buddhas, offering sacrifices to ancestors, eliminating the old and bringing forth the new, welcoming the new year and receiving blessings, and praying for a good harvest. The activities are rich and colorful, with strong national characteristics.

The Spring Festival holiday of our company in 2022 is arranged from January 31 to February 6, 2022, and we will resume work on February 7. If there are customers with recent orders, please arrange the time to avoid delaying your use during the Spring Festival holiday. Our company also wishes all our customers and friends good health and family happiness when the Spring Festival in 2022 is coming.