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Notice and Daily Maintenance of ED400 Coating Thickness Gauge



1.1 Before using ED400 coating thickness gauge, it should be checked for accuracy. Normally it can be checked by measuring on the uncoated substrate. For further assurance, measure with the calibration foil and check if the measuring result matches the marked thickness.

1.2 When measurements are repeated on the same workpiece, the results may vary. Take the average value for better accuracy.

2. Daily maintenance

2.1 The probe must be kept dry and clean. If the instrument was used on the assembly line, the workpiece should be wiped dry so that no water or other fluid runs into the probe. Do not add lubricant to the probe. 

2.2 When not in use, the gauge should be put into the case to avoid impact and dirt.

3.3 Remove the battery if the gauge will be stored for a long period of time.