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Products Development of Shenyang TX Testing Instruments

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Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc. has been the original developer and producer of portable test instruments in China for 30 years. Our classic products of eddy current thickness gauge and portable Webster hardness tester and Barcol hardness tester have been serving customers in various industries in China for nearly 30 years. As one of the first developers of portable hardness tester in China, we spent a lot of research and development time to overcome technical difficulties at the beginning. Each new product is the accumulation of experience based on the results of numerous tests, so as to better adapt to customer needs.Tianxing company regards the development of new portable hardness tester products as the driving force of the company's sustainable development. Almost every year, new products are introduced to the domestic and international markets. At the same time, we actively listen to customer's feedback information and suggestions, and constantly upgrade the design and technology of new products, to ensure the advancement of our portable hardness testers and on-site applicability. A series of products developed by our company have obtained a number of patents domestic and abroad.Every step of product development embodies the scientific and rigorous working attitude of our engineers.Careful deliberation of each product structure and repeated verification of each design principle make every customer who uses Tianxing products feel steadfast in heart. Real customer feedback is the biggest encouragement for our R&D work, and the constant demand for different in-field testing from customers is also the motivation for our R&D team to continue to innovate. In China's portable hardness tester industry, Tianxing company's research and development of new products has been on the road.