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Gear Tooth Rockwell Hardness Tester Application

The PHR-G6 Portable Gear Tooth Rockwell hardness tester developed by TX Testing Instruments 

has been put into production. This instrument can quickly, conveniently, non-destructive and 

accurately test the gear tooth surface in the production site, which solves the urgent need of the 

gear industry. Its popularization and application is of great significance to the technological 

progress of the gear industry.


On-site test: Apply in workshop, clamp the gear tooth, and test the tooth surface hardness directly.

Quickness: Less than 1 minute for each test in batch test.

Convenience: Operation, as simple as using gear tooth micrometer, clamp K pieces of tooth, shaft 

handle and read the hardness value of gear tooth.

Non-destructive: Small test force leads to small indentation that could be eliminated after fine 


Reliability: Follow Rockwell hardness test method, display HRC values directly.

Accuracy: Test result accurate, good repeatability, error less than 2.0 HRC.


In test surface hardness of gear tooth, gear shaft and chain wheel.

Test gear tooth after heat treatment like quenched-tempered, induction quenching, carburized, 

carbonitriding .