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Focus on TX Company-2015 Beijing International Heat Treatment Exhibition

During 2 Nov. to 4, the 17th Beijing International Heat Treatment Exhibition was held in National Convention Centre. The hoster are the China Heat Treatment Association and Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society Heat Treatment Branch. 


Shenyang Tianxing Company participated in the exhibition on invitation with his self-developed products portable hardness tester, large Gantry Hardness Tester, Radial Arm Hardness Tester on the exhibit 4B01 in E4 Hall. The professional technical engineer in our company showed different operations on site, and introduced new technique and new achievement.


More than 100 companies, experts, and news media in the heat treatment area participated in the exhibition. The general secretary of China Heat Treatment Association Mr. Tong Xiaohui was present at our exhibit seeing our company product technical features, and discuss the direction of heat treatment industry intelligentialize and informatization in the future combining with the whole frame of "Made in China 2025". The secretary spoke highly showed appreciate of our product layout.


During the exhibition, relevant experts and  scholars published wonderful technical report of the heat treatment area.