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TX Company Participated in the 2016 Aluminum China

As an annual exhibition that people couldn’t miss, the 2016 Aluminum China was held in Shanghai in July. This time, the new property, new technique, new trend and new application of aluminum material will be centrally showed, providing a professional trade negotiation, international communication, and brand show platform for aluminum manufacturers and industry application.

As one of the earliest enterprises which develop and produce aluminum material testing equipment, Shenyang Tianxing Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. has been working on researching and manufacturing aluminum material hardness testing equipment and aluminum material coating thickness testing equipment. So far, the Webster and Barcol hardness testers, complying with international advanced level, have been successfully produced. The ED400 Coating Thickness Gauge has a test range of 0-500μm, test accuracy of 2%, and resolution of 0.1μm. The operation of ED 400 is quite simple, improving greatly than ED300 at the probe using life. 

Tianxing company has perfect after-sale service, and two times professional engineers national large-scale routing inspection every year covering more than 95% aluminum factories. “Find problem on site, and solve the problem on site”, this is the reason why Shenyang Tianxing company has always been occupying more than 90% of the aluminum industry market. 


This time our booth number is also 2M01, Hall 2. During the exhibition period, lots of professional insiders came to our booth to have a use and know about detailed information of our products. They spoke highly of our hardness testers and thickness coating gauge. In this exhibition, we achieved complete success. Looking forward to meeting you next time.