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Ms-2a Brinell Indentation Measurement System

Ms-2a Brinell Indentation Measurement System

    MS-2a Brinell Indentation Measurement System is a Brinell Optical Scanning System, it is mainly composed of camera, and special image processing software. The Brinell hardness indentation image is captured by the camera, the diameter of indentation is automatically identified and measured, and the Brinell hardness value is automatically calculated and directly displayed. Instead of using a reading microscope to manually measure, calculate the mean diameter and consult a table to obtain the hardness value. The image of MS-2a BrinellI indentation Measurement System is brighter and clearer, the measurement is more convenient and rapid, and the result is more accurate and objective.


Function and Features

1. The advanced image processing technology domestic and abroad can ensure the accurate identification of indentation boundary.

2. It has 100% of the automatic recognition ability for the indentation on rough and rusted surface, No need for manual tangent to assist measurement.

3. Smooth shape design brings more comfortable grip.

4. The newly designed optical system and lighting device ensure that the shallow indentation image also has clear edges and ideal contrast.

5. Cables are stronger, softer, more durable, and more resistant to interference.

6. The newly upgraded software, is up to 1 μm measurement resolution, which enables the whole system to achieve higher measurement accuracy and repeatability.

7. Each standard block is provided with 4 standard indentations of known diameter and size, which can check the deviation of indentation measurement at any time.

8. Can be calibrated with the liner scale, indentation measurement results with traceability.

9. Historical data is stored automatically and can be downloaded at any time.

Technical Parameters


Image Resolution: 1600 x 1200

Field of View: 8mm*6mm

Test Resolution: 1um

Hardness Testing Range: 16HBW-650HBW

Diameter Testing Range: 2.4-6mm (10mm ball indenter), 2-4mm (7.26mm ball indenter), 1.2-3mm (5mm ball indenter), 0.6-1.5mm (2.5mm ball indenter)

Diameter Accuracy: ±0.4% (10mm ball indenter), ±0.8% (5mm ball indenter), ±1.2% (2.5mm ball indenter)

Diameter Repeatability: 0.4% (10mm ball indenter), 0.6% (5mm ball indenter), 0.4% (2.5mm ball indenter)

Net Weight of Camera: 0.385kg

Operation System: windows XP, windows7, windows 8, windows 10