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Development Trend of National Brinell Hardness Testing Equipment

With the rapid development of national manufacturing industry, the on site Brinell hardness testing equipments used in the past have been out of users' producing requirement. In the future years, the national on site Brinell hardness testing equipments will certainly develop at a direction of intelligentize,automation, modularization, and independent producing. 

Intelligentize refers that a variety of intelligent units are brought into Brinell hardness testing instruments. For example, in the traditional Brinell hardness testing instruments, people should use a     microscope to read indentation diameter mannually after leaving an indentation on the specimen, then    got the Brinell hardness value by hardness conversion table. However, the intelligent Brinell hardness     testing instruments need no mannual indentation testing. Instead, an automatic measurement system is installed in the Brinell hardness testing instrument to measure indentation diameter automatically and show relevant Brinell hardness value on its display screen.

Automation refers that assembling track, carrying car, overturning, moving, and location units are assembled on Brinell hardness testing instruments according to users' practical requirements to achieve online fast automatic testing.

Modularization refers that the future Brinell hardness testing instruments will have more individuality. It becomes possible for users to add any kind of unit on producing line according to his own practical  requirements. 


Independent producing refers that domestic enterprises have the technic, productive forces, and total ability to provide design, producing, assembling, debugging, maintaining, and repairing service for users  in the feilds of special equipment including boiler, pressure vessel, pressure pipe parts etc, and  electricity, metallurgy, petroleum machinery, railway vehicles, automobile, military equipments. 

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