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Features Of Aluminum And Aluminum Alloy

1. Low density

        The density of aluminum is about 2.7 g / cm3. It is the second light metal which is only higher than that of magnesium in metal structures, only 1/3 of iron or copper.

2. High plasticity

        Aluminum and its alloy has good ductility. It can be processed into various types, plates, foils, tubes and wire through the means of extrusion, rolling or drawing pressure processing.


3. Easy to strengthen

        Pure aluminum strength is not high. But it is easy to strengthen by alloying and heat treatment to manufacture high-strength aluminum alloy whose strength can be comparable to alloy steel.

4. Good conductivity

        Aluminum conductivity and thermal conductivity preceded only by silver, gold, copper. If the relative conductivity of copper is 100, the aluminum is 64, iron only 16. In accordance with the same quality of metal conductivity calculation, aluminum is almost the twice of copper. Besides, it can be measured by hardness tester.

5. Corrosion resistance

        Aluminum and oxygen have a high affinity. It has much better corrosion resistance than steel, as aluminum surface will produce protective oxide in natural conditions.

6. Easy to recover

        Aluminum melting temperature is low for about 660 ° С. The waste is easy to regenerate, the recovery rate is extremely high, and the energy consumption of recovery is only 3% of smelting.

7. Solderable

        Aluminum alloy can be welded by inert gas protection. It can also meet the structural requirements with good mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance after welding.

8. Surface treatment easily

After being treated by anodic oxidation,  Aluminum have high hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and good electrical insulation. To further improve the decorative and protective properties of aluminum, it can also be electroplated, electrophoresis and sprayed through chemical pretreatment.