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Hardness Test Tool For Aluminum Profile -- Webster Hardness Tester

Aluminum hardness is generally measured by Webster hardness tester. National standard GB5237-2004 provides that 6063 aluminum hardness should be greater than 8HW, 6061 aluminum hardness should be greater than 10HW. China Nonferrous Metals Standard YB / T420-2000 specifies the aluminum Webster hardness test method.

The W-20 Webster Hardness Tester for aluminum profiles is a small, portable instrument for quick and easy measurement of aluminum, pipe and plate hardness. It is especially suitable for fast non-destructive hardness inspection of the aluminum products on the production site, sales site and the construction site. The instrument has passed performance test of the national technical monitoring, and obtain a manufacturing license for measuring instruments.

W-20 type Webster Hardness Tester is one of the two kinds of instruments recognized by YS / T420-2000 of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Standard. The instrument has been applied in most domestic aluminum factory and many doors, windows, curtain wall enterprises, aluminum units and engineering quality inspection technical monitoring department.



1. Determine whether the aluminum have heat treatment, check the heat treatment effect and determine whether the mechanical properties of aluminum is qualified.

2. Determine whether the aluminum alloy is made of inappropriate alloy, and determine whether the aluminum alloy composition is qualified.

3. Measure the extremely long and heavy work or assembly which is inconvenient to be sent to the laboratory.

4. For aluminum production inspection, acceptance inspection and quality control inspection.

Main feature

1. Small size, light weight, one-handed operation, easy to carry.

2. Can measure a variety of aluminum profile.

3. Manipulation is simple, handling skills have no effect on the reading.

4. Easy to read. It can be easily converted into other hardness values.

Measuring range

It is mainly used for measuring aluminum and aluminum alloy materials. And it can also measure the copper alloy material. Its measurement range is equivalent to:

Aluminum: 24 ~ 110HRE

Copper alloy: 60 ~ 90 HRF

Heat insulation aluminum profiles

With the high-grade of living environment, the new insulation aluminum profiles spread from abroad to the domestic. The aluminum production enterprises have introduced foreign insulation broken bridge piercing equipment, and domestic aluminum processing equipment enterprises have also developed heat insulation broken bridge piercing equipment. A new type of thermal insulation aluminum is pushed into the market. The production cost of aluminum insulation is higher than that of ordinary aluminum, which increases the process of oxidation, spraying and weaving. Through broken bridge piercing connection, silver oxide white pigment connected to color spray paint, sand fabric connected to coloring material to increase the sense of decorative of aluminum profiles.

Five future development of aluminum profiles

The experts predict that the aluminum will develop in the following five areas in the future:

1, Frosted aluminum. Avoid the shortcomings that bright alloy profiles will form light pollution as the building decoration in some certain environmental conditions, frosted aluminum is very popular in the market with delicate and soft surface. But the existing frosted aluminum surface is uneven and the grinding can be seen. 

2, Multi-tone surface aluminum. Currently, monotonous aluminum has been unable to match with the building exterior decorative tiles and latex paint of external walls. The new aluminum profiles are stainless steel, champagne, golden and other colors, coupled with the color of colored glass, the building decoration effect is more ideal.

3, Powder electrostatic spraying aluminum. Powder electrostatic spraying aluminum corrosion resistance is excellent, and its alkali-resistant salt spray capacity is much better than the oxidized colored aluminum. It has been adopted throughout the world. Because this kind of aluminum production adopts green environmental protection technology with small area, simple process, convenient operation, less energy and resources, small investment, quick experiment, high spraying efficiency and  wide range of application.

4, Plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramic and electrophoretic paint aluminum. It has more than 20 kinds of colors. It can be printed like cloth color according to the needs. Its decorative effect is excellent with rich aluminum colors. As the surface of the aluminum profile is formed by the arc discharge of the high density energy sintered to form the ceramic film, it is very smooth and thick with corrosion resistance. The technology has been identified as the replacement technology of cation-grade oxidation by the Chinese Corrosion Association and the Society of Protection.

5, Electrophoretic paint aluminum. With glossy and soft surface, electrophoretic paint aluminum can resistant the corrosion of cement, mortar and acid rain.