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Hardness Testing of Beryllium Bronze Bars

The hardness testing of beryllium bronze bars should be chosen according to heat treatment condition. In general, the beryllium bronze bars produced by casting, extruding,drawing or the bars after annealing and solution treatment should be tested by Rockwell hardness tester scale HRB. Only bars after quenching and aging treatment or after quenching cold working and aging treatment chould be tested by Rockwell scale HRC. Mechanical property of beryllium bronze strips and bars is showed in the following tables.

Hardness of Beryllium Bronze Bars


YS/T 334-1995 Beryllium Bronze Bars


YS/T 334-1995 Beryllium Bronze Bars(After Aging Heat Treatment)



① Only when hardness testing is indicated in contract can people test.

② The gardes of bars such as QBe2 is 320℃±5℃×3h(Bars with TH 04 condition, diameter 5-10mm is 2h);Grades such as QBe 06-2.5 is 480℃±5℃×3h(Bars woth TH 04 condition is 2h).