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Welcome to Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc.

High-Quality Twenty Years of Tianxing

Shenyang Tianxing Testing Instruments Co., Ltd. (former Shenyang Tianxing Control Technology Research Institute), was founded in 1993, is a research-based enterprise which concentrates on researching, developing and producing portable hardness tester and thickness tester. Its registered capital is about 5.6 million yuan, with 4600 square meters independent workshop.

"Pursuit of innovation" is the enterprise's corporate philosophy. The enterprise has a good team and every year fills a number of gaps in the development of new products. Tianxing has become a well-known enterprise of producing portable hardness tester.

"Create fine" is the enterprise's second corporate philosophy. We always pursue the goal to provide our users' products with excellent performance and usableness. Products of Tianxing has a very strict quality standards in parts manufacturing, assembling and products testing in order to ensure the high quality of every Tianxing product. And the enterprise has passed ISO9000 quality system certification.

The enterprise is the first to develop and produce Webster hardness tester and the use of the aluminum plant for the use of the environment of the eddy current thickness of the domestic enterprise. The enterprise also participated in the drafting of the Chinese nonferrous standard Aluminum Alloy Webster Hardness Test Method, in the national standard of the Webster hardness tester and Webster hardness block, also in national measurement procedures of Webster hardness tester and Barcol hardness tester l. The Tianxing Webster and Eddy Current Thickness Tester have become the leading products which are widely used in the aluminum industry. Nowadays more than 90 percent of the aluminum factories are using these two Tianxing instruments.

The enterprise adheres to the "service first" concept. In 2014, in order to service more domestic users in time, we set up a Northeast China Service Center, North China Service Center, East China Service Center and South China Service Center. The four major service centers have covered more than 95 percent users nationwide. In the aspect of product maintenance services we have been insisting on "no change, no charge" principle for many years, and regularly sent maintenance personnel to the aluminum factories to provide on-site maintenance services. For twenty years, the quality and after-sales service of Tianxing products have been widely trusted by users.

The enterprise will continue to strive to provide better products and better services contributing to process of China's aluminum industry and technology.