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Introduction On Hardness Tester Of Tianxing Company

Tianxing company of Shenyang produced a series of hardness tester that is bale to test both Brinell and Rockwell hardness, which including: PHBR-200 magnetic digital display Brinell and Rockwell hardness tester, PHR-100 magnetic Rockwell hardness tester,  PHR-2 small-sized Rockwell hardness tester and PHBR C type hardness tester.

Hardness test of PHBR-200 magnetic digital display hardness tester can use traditional indention method or detection method stipulated by American standard ASTM E103. Before testing, we need to take samples on the material first  then create curves on the depth and hardness according to the material. The harness number will be on the screen directly afterwards. This kind of testing method is suitable for mass detection of the same material piece by piece. The Rockwell hardness test simplifies the traditional Rockwell method, we only need to exert a total force, keeping it for a while then remove it. It is simple and effective.

PHBR-100 magnetic hardness tester, or magnetic mechanical Brinell hardness tester, is cheaper than PHBR-200. It has the same function with PHBR-200 apart from the digital display and Brinell testing function.

PHBR-2 small-sized hardness tester adds Brinell hardness test function based on small-sized Rockwell hardness tester. It is suitable for thin and small parts.

The C type Brinell hardness tester can divided into PHBR-4-3, PHBR-8-4 according to its opening size. It is suitable for the test of large and medium parts.