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Introduction On Rockwell Hardness Tester Of Tianxing Company

The Rockwell hardness tester is put forward by a American person named Rockwell. It is often used for the hardness test on finished and semi-finished products because it has little indentation brought by small test force thus causing unapparent injury on the surface of the object. In terms of detection speed, Rockwell hardness tester is simpler and more effective than Brinell hardness tester, it is used for the hardness test on mass production such as cutting tool, measuring tool and mould, etc. 


At present, the Rockwell hardness testers produced by Tianxing company including small-sized tester, C type tester,superficial Rockwell tester and unique magnetic tester.

The small-sized Rockwell hardness tester only weighs 0.8kg and is used in hardness test of the small, thin or long objects.according to different opening size, it can divided into different types: PHR-1, PHR-2, PHR-4-2, PHR-4-4. 

The C type Rockwell hardness tester with C frame structure design can detect Rockwell hardness that small-sized tester is not able to do. According to opening size it can divided into PHR-4-3, PHR-8-4, PHR-8-10 and PHR-20-12.

Tianxing superficial Rockwell hardness tester uses total force of 15kg, 30kg and 45kg, thus it causes little indentation and little influence to the object. The superficial tester mainly uses in the hardness test on the thin parts, such as tinplate,sheet steel,copper stripes, aluminum strips, hardware and small stamped parts. 

Tianxing magnetic Rockwell hardness tester is the initiative portable hardness tester. With the help of the magnetic chucks on the bottom, the equipment can firmly absorb on the surface of the tested object. Therefore, we can test large-scale metal objects without moving them. It is mainly used in testing the huge or heavy steel parts that desktop machine cannot test. According to different functions, there are PHR-200 magnetic digital display Rockwell hardness tester and PHR-100 Rockwell hardness tester. The PHR-200 type uses high-precision force sensor and advanced displacement technology to simplify the operation. We only have to impose total force, keeping it for a while then remove it directly. It is the fastest Rockwell hardness tester so far ---only takes 10 seconds to finish one test.