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Maintenance, Precautions and Classification of Hardness Tester

Maintenance and Precautions of Hardness Tester

1. The test personnel should follow the operating procedures and  use standard block to test hardness tester before and after experiment.

2. Not often used hardness tester should under going hardness measurement for several times before start using. When it is stable, you can start the determination of the specimen.

3. The use of hardness blocks can only be carried out on the face, the test point of each test distance should be no less than 3mm.

4. In the hardness test, the main test force should be smooth without impact.

5. The hardness tester should be kept cleaning. Hardness block, the ball pressure head should be coated with anti-rust oil after using to prevent corrosion.

6. Doing cycle test work for hardness tester at least once a year to ensure the accuracy of the hardness.

7. Hardness tester common troubleshooting: you should contact with the relevant units to repair the hardness tester failure. In general, common failure can be resolved by yourself.

Classification and use of hardness

1, Material classification

Metal hardness, rubber hardness, stone hardness, fruit hardness

2, Name classification

1) Rockwell Hardness Tester HR Surface Rockwell Hardness Tester HR (15.30.45) (N, T)

2) Vickers hardness tester HV

3) Richter hardness tester HL

4) Brinell hardness tester HB (S)

5) Shore hardness tester HS

6) Shore hardness tester HA

7) Webster hardness tester HW


8) Barcol hardness tester  A unit is equivalent to the penetration depth of 0.0076mm

3, Type classification

Portable hardness tester (portable hardness), desktop hardness, multi-function hardness, ultrasonic hardness, visual hardness

4, Value display classification

Digital hardness tester, pointer hardness tester, read the value of hardness tester

The application occasion of hardness tester

Rockwell hardness tester: for Rockwell hardness measurement of the cast iron and other parts

Vickers hardness tester: for Vickers hardness measurement of thinner parts

Brinell hardness tester: for Brinell hardness measurement of  high hardness workpiece 

Shore hardness tester: for the Shaw hardness measurement of  rubber products

Webster Hardness Tester: for the Wechsler hardness measurement of aluminum alloy products

Pasteurick hardness tester: for Baust hardness measurement of glass steel products

Universal hardness tester: for a variety of hardness scale hardness measurement

Microhardness tester: a kind of Vickers hardness tester for Vickers hardness measurement of thin workpiece

Shore hardness tester: for the determination of Shore hardness values of ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals