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Measurement of Metal Coating Thickness Gauge

The thickness of the coating is measured by the magnetic induction principle of the metal coated thickness gauge, which is applied to the size of the magnetic flux that flows from the head through the non-ferromagnetic layer to the ferromagnetic base. It is also possible to measure the magnitude of the magnetic resistance, which is the thickness of the coating. The thicker the coating is, the larger the magnet and the smaller the flux. 

In principle, the thickness of the non-permeable layer on the magnetosphere can be obtained by using the thickness meter of the principle of magnetic induction. Generally, the conductivity of the base material is above 500. If the coating material is also magnetic, it is required that the conductivity of the substrate is large enough (such as nickel plated on steel). The instrument automatically outputs test current or test signal when the probe on the soft core is placed on the sample. 

The previous product used a pointer type header to measure the magnitude of the induced electromotive force, which amplifies the signal and then indicates the thickness of the coating. In recent years, the circuit design introduces the new technology of stable frequency, lock phase, temperature compensation, etc., and USES magnetic resistance to modulate the measuring signal. The integrated circuit of patented design is also introduced, and the microcomputer is introduced to make the measurement precision and repeatability have been greatly improved (almost an order of magnitude). The modern magnetic sensing thickness gauge, with a resolution of 0.1 um, allows the error to reach 1 percent, and the range reaches 10mm. 

The principle of magnetic coating thickness gauge can be used to accurately measure the paint layer on the surface of the steel, porcelain, enamel protective coating, plastic, rubber coating, various non-ferrous metals, including nickel chrome plating, and all kinds of anti-corrosion coating chemical oil unemployment. 

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