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Portable Brinell Hardness Tester Measuring Hardness of Metal Workpiece

Hardness is a professional terminology of physics, which refers to the ability of the local material to resist the comprehensive properties that push onto its surface. There are many kinds of hardness testing approaches, such as: Brinell, Rockwell, Vickers and so on.

Brinell Hardness test method is that to push a certain diameter of hardened steel ball or cemented carbide ball with certain size test load onto the tested metal surface, holding pressure for a period of time, then remove the load to get the indentation. The diameter of indentation is read by reading microscope, and then Brinell hardness number is obtained by looking up the Brinell hardness number table. The steel ball head with a diameter of 10mm, the load force of 3000KGF, and the retention time of 15s is the most common test standard in industrial production.


The standard measurement of the PHB-3000-type hydraulic Brinell hardness tester produced by Shenyang Tianxing Instrument Company uses 3000kg Force and 10mm Ball (this portable hardness tester instrument is also equipped with 5mm cemented carbide balls to meet the needs of special measurement ). In order to ensure the measurement requirements of afterburner 15s that Brinell hardness demands, in the actual measurement PHB-3000 repeats afterburner 3 to 5 times to be equivalent to the requirement of maintaining 15s of the test force in the Brinell hardness test method, this instrument conforms to the American standard ASTM E11 "portable hardness tester to measure the hardness of metallic materials."

Brinell hardness meter is measured with the 10mm steel balls and 3000kg load force, and the surface area of spherical indentation is larger, which makes the test results have a better overall representation, will not be impacted by the measured individual organizations of artifacts, the measured value has a high accuracy, and the errors are smaller.

The original Brinell hardness tester for the large laboratory equipment can not detect the field workpiece, the PHB-3000 hydraulic Brinell hardness Tester produced by Shenyang Tianxing is a portable hardness tester, with the weight of less than 14kg, which is simple to operate and easy to carry to the workshop for measuring large, assembled, difficult to move and non-slicing workpiece. The instrument is tested according to the real Brinell hardness test principle, the same as the principle of desktop in the lab. The calibration accuracy of test force is 0.5% of the load and the hardness test accuracy is the same as the desktop. What’s more, the instrument PHB-3000 can use a variety of test forces and select various ball indenters, which wider its test scope a lot. The range of measurement can reach 16~650HBW, which can meet most of common metal measurements of Brinell hardness requirements quite well.