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The Hardness Testing Method of Bearing Alloy

Bearing alloy refers to the casting alloy ingot used in bearing bush, and the processed pipes and bars.

1. The hardness testing(hardness tester) condition of bearing alloy solid material is in table 1.


Table 1. Testing Condition (JB/T 7925.1-1995)

2. The casting and processing alloy ingot should be made to testing surface after turning or filing. Then   carefully polish the ingot by 320# size sandpaper. Make its surface clean so as not to be affected by temperature.

3. The testing instrument should comply with the requirement of GB/T 6269.

4. Various grades of bearing alloy based on plumbum, stannum, copper and aluminum and its relevant mechanical property(including hardness) are shown in table 2.



Table 2. Mechanical Property of Casting Bearing Alloy (GB/T 1174—92)


① In the casting method column: S —Sand casting, J —Metallic casting, Li— Centrifugal casting

②Hardness value of the Cu-based alloy and Al-based alloy are the reference values.