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The Maintenance And Repair Of Webster Tester


Portable Webster hardness tester is precise and its service life depends on whether it is maintained right and timely as well as appropriately. During it is being in use, there are the following points that have to be paid attention to:

1.To avoid being stained. When using this portable hardness tester, we should often wipe it with soft cloth in case that the dirt goes into it from the gap of dial or from the places around the pressing needle. If not, the dirt which has been in the instrument will affect the measuring accuracy badly or lead to its breakdown.

2.To avoid being rusted. Although all the parts of the instrument have been given anti—rust treatment, it may still cause some parts to be rusted if there is poor maintenance. Especially, to focus on not being watered, because many of them will rust when they meet water. Gauge outfit could be rusted buildup and then results in rejection of the instrument if the inside of gauge outfit has water.

3.To avoid dropping. This portable hardness tester consists of many precise parts. If it drops, it will turn some parts into the permanent damages.

4.Do not disassembly. The promise of the measuring accuracy from this instrument relies on some precise components that are cooperating well. Therefore, except the detachable ones that are in correction, they can be taken apart any more. Otherwise, it will bring some troubles to you and the instrument will be disqualified of warranty.

5.To make corrections. When using the detecting instrument, we should pay attention to its accuracy frequently , and to check whether the full scale(20HW) of instrument and calibration point is right or not. Once the inaccuracy found, we should correct it in time. Besides, to decrease the times of striking in case of the abrasion of pressing needles.

6.The illustrations of consumptive material. Pressing needles belong to consumptive material, which is no within the warranty. Its service life depends on whether the using method is right and the maintenance and repair is timely as well as appropriately or not.

① The service life of pressing needles has direct relations with using frequency of customer’s instrument and harness range of measuring workpiece. The more frequently the customer use and higher harness of measuring workpiece, the greater abrasion the pressing needles will be, causing its service life to be shorter.

② Keeping the sample from twisting when you are measuring, or it will cause the error and even damage the pressing needles. To strictly prohibit using harness clamp to pull the material out from material basket directly; otherwise, it will ruin the pressing needles immediately.

③ When measuring the material, it is no necessary to use specially great power to clench the hardness clamp. Do not rush to increase the strength to make sure that will not damage the instrument and its accessories.

7.Transportation. During the long—distance transport, please to try to use package reserved for Webster hardness tester, which helps to minimize the damages and incorrectness of instrument made by external force.