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Trouble Removal On Stress Augmentation Of Hydraulic Brinell Hardness Tester(1)

When the equipment has difficulty in augmentation, the possible reasons and handing method are as follows:

indenter overlong

The indenter should push against the measured piece every time before testing. The crank should be swung vigorously and the indenter should return back to the original state. If above-mentioned operation is not performed, the applying force rod should be performed to increase the force when the indenter protrusion is overlong.


oil shortage

When the machine is used for a long time, there is wastage on the hydraulic oil. The rest hydraulic is not enough for the displacement of the indenter. It can be addressed as follows:

check the oil hydraulic pump

Pick off the torque rod and see if there is oil leaking around the copper bushing. If there is, the O type sealing ring must wearing out. The copper bushing and o type sealing ring must be replaced. Then the Brinell hardness tester can work smoothly.

Operation method as follows:

Pick off the measuring head from the holder, placing the hydraulic pump upwards. In order to avoid the oil outflow when removing the pump, you should plane the hydraulic pump. Discharging the copper bushing with special wrench. Copper bushing has a unique left-hand thread, you should rotate the bushing clockwise. A sealing ring can be found inside the copper bushing and the oil will out of the copper bushing when the sealing ring is worn. Filling oil to the hydraulic pump and replace the old parts with new sealing ring and new copper bushing. Screw it after you installed. Clan uo the detection head with soft cloth and detergent if the oil runs out. Place the detection head to the holder.

Replace hydraulic oil. It is important to choose the right type and right viscosity. You can purchase the SAE50 type produced by Mobil(100 F°, saybolt viscosity 965s). Spare hydraulic oil and special tool can be found in Tianxing company.The operation order when changing the oil is of extreme importance, and li little bit complicated as well. You should operate strictly  as the instruction whether understand or not. It could cause permanent damage to some parts if operated carelessly.