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Trouble Removal On Stress Augmentation Of Hydraulic Brinell Hardness Tester(2)

Operation steps on oil changing:

Turn off the decompression valve and pull the torque rod, press the pressure head out of 10 to 12mm.

Unscrew the cylinder head and unload the oil sac below the it with a special wrench. Take out the oil sac.

Open the decompression valve and pull the crank. Press all the pressure head into the measuring head and turn off the decompression valve.

Remove the screw that secure the measuring head on the probe clamp.

Pick off the measuring head and pour away the oil oil, place the measuring head back onto the holder.

Secure the measuring head on the holder and tighten the screw.

Refill the oil, make sure the oil level is in flush with the steps in the cylinder.

Operate the torque rod to eject the measuring head. At this point the oil level will gradually decrease. The oil level and the steps in the cylinder should always been kept in flush. You should refill the oil when pressing out the measuring head, until the measuring head is out about 10 to 12mm.

Extract approximately 1/2 oil out of the cylinder with a syringe.

Place the oil sac. There should be excess oil outflow the oil sac, which means the oil cylinder is full. If there is no excess oil, you take out the oil sac and refill the oil before place it back. Quickly screw and tighten the nut of the oil sac then cover the oil cylinder head.

Turn on the decompression valve. Pull the crank and push the measuring head back into the original place. Turn off the decompression valve and pressurize it to 3000kg. Turn off the decompression valve. Repeat the precious steps 5 to 10 times then you can exhaust the extra air brought by the oil changing.

check up the measuring head and hardness tester.

if afterburner difficulties caused by fuel shortage after hydraulic oil is replaced arise, the X type sealing ring could be worn . The user cannot replace the X type sealing ring. You should contact the manufacturer and send the machine back to the factory.