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Application of Portable Hardness Tester in Petroleum Industry


In the first edition, published in March 2012 American petroleum institute API standard 20A, ASTM E110 the use of portable hardness tester become recognized one of the three methods of hardness test. The standard states that Brinell and/or Rockwell hardness tests must be performed on the outer surface in accordance with ASTM E10, ASTM E110, ASTM E18 to ensure that the hardness of the castings is within the specified final product hardness range. At least three indentations per casting are required to be tested. Casting suppliers must indicate hardness values and test sites in MPS. Test results must be archived. At present, Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc. is the only manufacturer focusing on the production of portable hardness testers in China. The portable Rockwell and hydraulic Brinell hardness testers fully meet the requirements of the above standards, including PHB-3000a chain hydraulic Brinell durometer. The standard Brinell hardness test of oil and gas transportation pipeline can be carried out by using a chain measuring bracket fixed on the surface of the measured object. PHR-100 magnetic Rockwell hardness tester can test the weld hardness of pipelines and large workpieces. The PHR series of small Rockwell hardness tester can not only inspect the common workpiece, but also the table hardness tester can not test the fine, small, long and shaped parts to do the field standard Rockwell hardness test.