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Mechanical Magnetic Hardness Tester

Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc. has been researching and developing 4 kinds of magnetic hardness testers since 2008. Among the testers, the earliest is the PHR(PHBR)-100 Magnetic Rockwell(Brinell & Rockwell) Hardness Tester. As shown in the following picture. This instrument gets a patent for Chinese utility model.



This instrument appeared earlier than the Italian one. Two magnetic chucks are applied in a creative way, which achieves the fixation of the test head on specimen. This structure reduces weight of the instrument greatly. The instrument is mainly made of two magnetic chucks and one hardness test head. There is a hand wheel force pressure structure. One dial head points at the test force value, one dial head applied on screw micrometer of the force pressure principle axis is used for precising indentation depth, and one applied on the reading hub wheel is used for reading Rockwell hardness value.