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Introduction and Application of Brinell PHB-3000 Tester

Brinell PHB-3000 tester is a portable Brinell hardness tester designed and produced by Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc. The test conditions are 3000 kg test force and 10mm ball indenter. Brinell PHB-3000 tester is one of the few hardness testers that can achieve portable function under this type of Brinell test condition. Brfore this Brinell PHB-3000 tester, if you need to use 3000 kg test force and 10 mm ball test conditions it is necessary to select a desktop, and the volume and weight of the desktop determines it is not convenient for field measurement in the workshop, for some very large volume and weight, handling difficult workpiece, Desktop Brinell hardness tester can not meet the testing requirements. The portable Brinell PHB-3000 tester was designed to solve this problem of field testing of large workpieces. Brinell PHB-3000 Tester uses a hydraulic system to increase the test force to 3000kg, and repeatedly pressurized to 3000kg to simulate the test force holding time to meet ASTM E10 requirements for test force holding time. Since the Brinell PHB-3000 Tester was manufactured and marketed, it has been widely used in the heat treatment industry, the foundry industry, the petroleum industry and other industries that require 3000kg test force and 10mm ball indenter test condition. Quickly solve the difficulties of field testing for customers, greatly improve the production efficiency. As a result, the Brinell PHB-3000 Tester customer base is growing. Compared with similar products of other foreign brands, Brinell PHB-3000 Tester is not inferior to foreign brands in terms of appearance, internal quality, test accuracy, operation experience and so on. With continuous technology upgrades and modifications, Brinell PHB-3000 products have solved the problems of shaking, oil leakage, etc., and won the praise of customers. In terms of price, the Brinell PHB-3000 Tester has a significant advantage over other comparable products. Good cost-effective products will be accepted by more and more customers.