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Webster Hardness Testing for Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy (1)

The Webster hardness testing for aluminum alloy material is applied the most in aluminum alloy section factories and aluminum alloy doors, windows and walls in the constructional industry. It is stipulated in the national standard GB/T 5237 that use the Webster Hardness Tester to test the hardness of aluminum alloy constructional profiles. In the construction industry standard JJG 139-2001 Glass Curtain Wall Installation Quality Inspection Methods, it is stipulated that use Webster Hardness Tester on site to test the hardness of aluminum profiles which used in the curtain wall project. The acceptance hardness value is more than 8HW (which is equivalent to 52HBS). Besides, the Webster Hardness Tester could also be applied in testing aluminum alloy plates and pipes. 

The suitable hardness testing range is equivalent to Rockwell hardness value from 42 to 98HRE, and Brinell hardness value from 42 to 120HB. The Webster Hardness Tester has small size, light weight, and is easy to operate. It causes no damage to specimen, especially suitable for testing hardness of aluminum alloy.