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Portable Brinell Hardness Tester's Application in Power Plant

With the domestic production and construction more and more tend to use the clean energy of electric energy, the domestic power plant construction is also gradually increasing, and the relevant equipment requirements in the construction are becoming more and more standardized. For example, two power industry standards DL / T 1719 and DL / T 438 detailedly specify the specific method of using portable hardness tester for the hardness testing of metal parts of power plant.


DL / T 1719 specifies that C-type Brinell hardness tester, magnetic Brinell hardness tester, hydraulic Brinell hardness tester and shear pin hammer Brinell hardness tester can be used to detect the hardness of metal parts. 

Type C Brinell hardness tester, magnetic Brinell hardness tester, PHB-3000 hydraulic Brinell hardness tester and PHB-150 shear pin Brinell hardness tester produced by Shenyang TX Testing Instruments Inc all meet the above requirements. In addition, the standard also recommends the use of Brinell indentation measurement system to replace manual reading of Brinell indentation. This method has high accuracy and greatly improves the work efficiency. At present, the MS-1 series Brinell indentation measuring system independently developed and produced by Shenyang TX has high cost performance in China.