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How to Replace Webster Hardness Tester's Indenter

With selling of the products, customers will feedback some after-sales problems. According to these problems, we summarized some common problems and matters needing attention when customers use Webster hardness tester.

When customer encounters the inaccuracy of the high value when measuring the hardness value with the Webster hardness tester, no abnormality is found when viewing the instrument, and there is no improper use, then customer needs to pay attention. At this time, the customer can try to hold the handle directly to the bottom without placing any sample at the opening. If the full scale is not reached, he can try to take out the attached hardness block for testing. If the test result is lower, it may be the problem that the indenter needs to be replaced. Customers should replace the indenter in time according to their own frequency of use and how long they have used the instrument.


Here we remind the users of Webster hardness tester that if the instrument is used more than 1000 times, they should pay attention to the wear degree of the indenter. In addition, the service life of the indenter is also related to the use habits. Try not to play empty in the process of use, cut mistakes and use too much force in the measurement process, etc.