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Brinell Indentation Automatic Measuring System


Brinell hardness testing is more representative than other metal hardness testing methods because of its large test force and indenter diameter. However, the corresponding Brinell hardness value can be obtained only after measuring the indentation diameter with a reading microscope and checking the corresponding table between the indentation diameter and Brinell hardness value. There are many steps of cloth hardness testing, which requires the operator's rich experience. Various inconveniences restrict the wide application of Brinell hardness testing method. TX company’s Brinell indentation measurement system is developed to solve this problem. The system only needs to place the measuring head on the Brinell indentation, and the indentation diameter value and the corresponding Brinell hardness value can be displayed on the display.

Shenyang TX reading system adopts advanced image processing technology. For the rough workpiece surface obtained by various grinding methods, as long as it is an indentation that can be recognized by human eyes, it can realize 100% automatic recognition without manual assistance, which not only reduces the workload of labor, but also avoids the error caused by the lack of human fatigue experience of detection operators. The automatic detection of Brinell hardness is realized. The camera of this system is designed with magnetic suction, which can be adsorbed on the workpiece without support, and can easily complete the measurement process. For the historical data of this system, excel table files with date as text name are automatically generated, which is convenient to call at any time.